PARIS côté court

Thursday, May 11, 8pm

PARIS : from Pialat to Peretjatko, from the 1960s to the 2000s

In the continuation of our collaboration with the short film festival Le Courtivore, we are hosting a thematic evening in connection with the current exhibition. In response to Frank Horvat’s work, the 6 short films chosen will highlight Paris and its protagonists: models, homeless people, bicycle deliverers, passers-by – a population as heterogeneous as the one in the photographs exhibited.

On the program:

L’Amour existe, Maurice Pialat, 1961
Opposition between the past life on the banks of the Marne with its guinguettes, its promenades or its cinemas and the Méliès studio, and the isolation of the suburbs of the sixties whose population is at best housed in pavilions located at the edge of airports, or crammed into shantytowns, or in HLMs, which gradually dehumanize the landscape. Prix Louis Lumière 1961, Lion de Saint Marc at the Venice Festival 1961.

• The Paris of models, François Reichenbach, 1963
Paris is a fashion mecca and the ideal setting for photographers, who are seen here in the midst of photo shoots with models. In the streets of the capital or on the roofs of its buildings, these unusual scenes do not leave indifferent the onlooker and inevitably attract the curious.

 Paris monopole, Antonin Peretjatko 2010
Sabrinette, victim of the crisis, is looking for an apartment. It’s not easy to find one when you’re a temp, young, or with bad hair or too much of this or not enough of that… An injustice done to one is a threat done to all. When you are looking for an apartment with a Monopoly plan, you hope to be lucky.

• Confined outside, Julien Goudichaud, 2020
March 2020. In a Paris emptied of its population, of its cars, of its noise, there is still a part of the French population that has no other choice than to confine itself outside. Until now perceived as urban ghosts, Sarah, Nelson and Katia present us with a situation exacerbated by the health crisis. How to continue to survive when the whole world has stopped?

 No time, Camille Lugan, 2022
Julie is a bicycle courier. She was supposed to spend this night with Tom, her boyfriend. But tonight, Julie has to go to work. Because she is in “malus” and must absolutely catch up. So begins Julie’s intense time trial through Paris, from one delivery to the next…

 Interior/Box, Tünde Deak, 2015
Paris, 13th district. A man sees a vertical cardboard box on his way home that seems to be looking at him. He films it with his cell phone and, caught up in this strange presence, begins to follow it. A little later, he finds the box empty and enters it without thinking.

Total time: 1h40
More information on the festival program on the Courtivore website

Free event, limited number of seats.



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