February 16th and 17th

At Labo Victor Hugo, 27 Rue Victor Hugo

Baptiste Rabichon (1987, France) develops photography conceived in the studio and in the laboratory, most often resulting from associated and superimposed photographic processes. Mixing film and digital processes, gelatin and pixels, developer baths and scanners, he takes advantage of the wide range of tools available today to make an imprint of reality.

During this workshop, various techniques will be discussed and practiced such as photograms and black and white prints, scans and digital editing with Photoshop.

His series Braquages (below), Discrètes and Balcons have in common that they are all constructed from a pre-existing image: paintings by Braque or Duchamp for the first, photographs taken in the streets of Paris for the last.

“Far from being simple sources of inspiration, these original images – invisible in the final print – can be considered as a sketch that has disappeared under the brush strokes or a skeleton under the flesh of the image. They guide the gesture throughout the elaboration. One can observe, in each of these works, the cohabitation between different ways of representing the same object. The same piece of fabric, for example, is scanned, photogrammed and photographed within the same image.

It is this line of thought that I offer you to explore for these two days: starting from an image, erasing it, piece by piece, in order to create a new photographic object where different methods of representation cohabit.”

Photographs: Baptiste Rabichon, Voyante, 2017, single chromogenic print, 127 x 139 cm; La guitare, 2016, single chromogenic print, 236 x 127 cm; Le transistor, 2016, single chromogenic print, 236 x 127 cm.

Limited places, upon reservation.
Participation fee of 50€.

02 35 89 36 96

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