Tuesday, October 17, 7pm

To accompany Marleen Sleeuwits’ exhibition, Jérôme Tabouelle is invited to revisit the history of the materials that underpin the region’s history: clay, limestone and flint. To discover our territory, we go back in time to a period when Normandy was under the sea. It was during this geological period, known as the Cretaceous, that the chalk cliffs were formed. From time immemorial, man has used the raw materials found in the soil and subsoil to feed, shelter and defend himself. This presentation focuses on the exploitation and use of soil resources (stone, chalk, clay) and the evolution of the landscape.

Jérôme Tabouelle, PhD in geology, is in charge of the Natural Sciences and Archaeology collections at the Fabrique des savoirs, Elbeuf, Seine-Maritime. His doctoral thesis is entitled “Le patrimoine géologique normand : nature, protection, promotion” at the Musée national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN). Jérôme Tabouelle is a member of the Conseil Scientifique Régional du Patrimoine Naturel de Haute-Normandie, coordinator of the Commission Régionale du Patrimoine Géologique Haut-Normand, and President of the Fédération Française des Sociétés des Sciences Naturelles. He is also President of the Société d’Etudes des Sciences Naturelles d’Elbeuf and of the Fédération Française des Sociétés de Sciences Naturelles, and Vice President of the Fédération Française des Associations de Minéralogie et de Paléontologie.

The talk takes place at the Centre photographique Rouen Normandie.
Free admission. Limited number of places, booking is mandatory:
02 35 89 36 96

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