Public :
Bac RPIP (Production of printed and multimedia product high school degree)
BTS ERPC (Study and realization of communication project bachelor)

Location :
AFI-LNR formation center, CFA of printing and graphic industries (Mont-Saint-Aignan)

Intervention time :
60h of photographic workshop

Artist :
Hubert Crabières (Argenteuil)

Techniques :
Photography, printing techniques

Device :

Partner :

Process :
The Mimaki Presto project is built around the realization of a photographic edition involving several printing techniques – specialty of the establishment – questioning the image, its modalities of reading and composition, and even its materiality. For its elaboration, several stages follow one another:

Firstly, Hubert Crabières and the students print images on different supports, such as clothing, cardboard, etc. This is a first phase of experimentation offering a re-appropriation of the question of the exhibition medium.

In a second phase, a photo session of the students with their outfits takes place in the setting of the engine room. Each student is photographed in a particular setting imagined collectively. Each individual shot will then compose the final image of the edition. A work of photographic editing then allows to isolate, on different thicknesses of transparent rhodoïd paper, each specific element of the stagings.

Restitution :
Mimaki Presto is an edition made around a single image, which breaks down thanks to the transparent sheets of which it is composed and on which are printed the different elements photographed. The closed book reveals the entirety of its content, which becomes progressively lighter as the pages are turned, until it reaches the empty set.

Informations : info@centrephotographiquecom