Audience :
Students of various grade levels

Location :
UniLaSalle (Mont-Saint-Aignan)

Intervention time :
60h of photographic workshop

Artist :
Coline Jourdan (Rouen)

Technique :

Device :

Partners :

Process :
Through a form of reappropriation of gestures, scientific and photographic tools, the project À l’épreuve de la terre led by Coline Jourdan aims to highlight the plant, microbial, bacterial world and other visible or invisible elements that make them up. The territory then becomes a space of photographic and scientific experimentation. Nature, for its part, becomes a subject of representation, an object of collection and inventory which are then reused in the creation of images.

Within UniLaSalle, Coline Jourdan works with three different groups. The Zoom Club (the school’s photo club) works with different tools for observing reality, both by taking pictures in the field and by accompanying scientists in laboratories. The Make it Green group is interested in plants and their ability to make images thanks to their photosensitivity by practicing anthotyping (an alternative process from the 19th century). During the week of the module, a group of 2nd year students dedicated themselves to the earth, which they collected during photographic walks, and then collected the bacteria that lived there. These bacteria were then used in photographic experiments, in Petri dishes.

Restitution :
An exhibition takes place in the walls of the school. The installation, designed to be permanent, is made of photographic prints on vinyl, gathering a selection of the productions.

Informations : info@centrephotographiquecom