Artistic workshop by Clothilde Evide

Sunday, February 6, 2022, 2:30-4:30 pm


Collage and stop motion workshop.

Bring back a black and white photo of yourself on machine paper, and with pencils, colour, modelling clay and a tablet, put yourself on stage in an imaginary, graphic and animated setting!

Clothilde Evide is an artist based in Normandy, trained in graphic design at the Jeanne d’Arc high school in Rouen, then in motion design at the Gobelins school in Paris.

Plastic and digital creations merge in her work for an exciting and colourful result. Resident at Chien Méchant, a shared creative space in Rouen, Clothilde now produces music videos and continues to explore new techniques to create still or animated images. Her seemingly naïve visuals always reveal a significant amount of poetry and humour.


Free event, for 8/12 year olds.
Presentation of the health pass from 12 years old.
The workshop is accessible by reservation at

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