Section IME Autism
EEAP (multi-handicapped children and adolescents)

Raymond Lerch Children’s Center (Le Havre)

Time of intervention :
25h of sensorial experimentations
50h of photographic shooting + residence

Artist :
Marion Dutoit (Le Havre), Théophile Trossat (Nantes)

Drawing, painting, embroidery, cyanotype

Culture, Health and Medical-social

Process :
Dessiner les rêves is an artistic creation project aiming to produce a plastic work fed by the dreams of these residents and to capture the whole by a photographic project. The project is based on the dialogue between 2 artists, Marion Dutoit, visual artist, a photographer, Théophile Trossat and the children of the Raymond Lerch Children’s Center in Le Havre. This project is an entry in communication with children who do not have the capacity of language, the experience is thus sensorial.

For that, the workshops take place in two stages. First, Marion Dutoit offers several times to groups of one or two children to work on large linen squares, using drawing and painting practices. The artist then reinforces the lines with embroidery. Then, Théophile Trossat joins Marion Dutoit to make large cyanotypes on the same support with the children. The photographer produces documentary images: views of workshops, children in activities (judo, horseback riding, boxing) and their portraits with the collectively dyed fabrics as a background.

Restitution :
In order to cross the whole of the productions, the development of a publication relating the process of emergence of the dreams until their final assembly is in progress.

Informations : info@centrephotographiquecom