Listen to the artist - Videoconference

with the artist Marion Balac

To the rhythm of this “distanciel”, the Photographic Centre is offering its first digital residency and has invited Marion Balac, artist and researcher associated with ESACM and ESAM, to work in collaboration with the Jeanne d’arc high school in Rouen. The project, which began in February, will run until May, with a class of first-year students in the plastic arts option. In this context, the Centre photographique has invited Marion Balac to speak at a conference entitled Écoute l’artiste.

Organised by RRouen – Réseau arts visuels Rouen métropole, the Écoute l’artiste lecture series is a fortnightly event where you can listen to an artist speak, comment on his or her work, etc. Lasting about an hour, the lectures are introduced and moderated by Tania Vladova, professor of aesthetics at the ESADHaR – Rouen.

Marion Balac is a graduate of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and ENSBA Lyon. Her recent work explores the links and tensions operating between territories, feelings, transmission and technology. Observing and using the resources offered by the internet, she lingers on these dynamic playgrounds to bring out their incongruities, divert their uses towards poetic ends or social experiments and elaborate new fictions, in or out of the screen.


Thursday 15 April, 10:30-12:00. Free of charge, videoconference.

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