Lorenzo Vitturi, Red Cotisso, Green Pigment, Wood in Arìn, Caminantes, 2019
Lorenzo Vitturi, Red Cotisso, Green Pigment, Wood in Arìn, Caminantes, 2019



January – December 2020

Graphic designer, illustrator and editor, Damien Poulain also works with painting and installation. The invitation to the artist aims to direct the students’ learning – wood construction, volume – towards the invention of a vision device, an image box in a way.

The project aims to bring the students to take a renewed look at their immediate environment and the landscape of the high school through the construction of vision devices. These objects, all different, are presented in their final realization as nomadic devices, displaying a sculptural form thought by the groups of students, fed by a poetic and fantastic reading of the surrounding landscape. The object reveals in its interior, to the one who seizes it and puts on its head, a photographic dimension, the landscape being projected on its wall, resorting there to photography, in its simplest device: the camera obscura.

Fred Margueron, a photographer from Rouen, took pictures in order to stage their creations in the landscape around the high school, in the company of the students and the artist in residence. The restitution consisted of large prints from these shots and the constructions themselves.

A residency of Damien Poulain carried out at the Lycée du bois et de l’éco-construction in Envermeu (Seine-Maritime) as part of the Jumelages program financed by the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Normandie and the Direction Régionale de l’Alimentation, de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt.

Information : info@centrephotographique.com