Constance Nouvel, Décor XXI, 2016. Installation murale, peinture, graphite et tirage photographique
Guillaume Viaud, Walking Piece, 2008. Courtesy de l'artiste
David Fathi, Wolfgang, 2015-2016



in partnership with Le Point du Jour, art center and publisher, as part of the Diagonal program

Registration deadline: June 15, 2019
Workshop dates and location: July 8-12, 2019 at ESAM / Cherbourg

At the initiative of the Diagonal network, which brings together twenty-three structures dedicated to photography, thirty workshops in photographic practice are offered in 2019 across France. They are organized as part of the Diagonal Device, a national program of artistic and cultural education through and with photography, developed with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

Le Point du Jour, art center / publisher, in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, and the Centre photographique Rouen Normandie propose, in partnership with the École supérieure d’arts & médias de Caen / Cherbourg, two workshops with the artists Constance Nouvel and Guillaume Viaud, intended for non-professional photographers residing in Normandy.

The workshops
The workshops take place from July 8 to 12, 2019, mainly on the Cherbourg site of the École supérieure d’arts & médias. Each workshop lasts thirty hours and welcomes fifteen participants, accompanied by the artist, a representative of Point du Jour and two technicians from the École supérieure d’arts & médias.

In the workshop “Walking, creating, diverting“, led by Guillaume Viaud, each participant is invited to design a mobile object that will allow them to reconstruct, through the medium of images, a journey through the landscape. Born in 1983, Guillaume Viaud is a graduate of the Rouen School of Fine Arts. His work Walking Piece is presented in the exhibition “Our Garden”, at the Centre photographique Rouen Normandie, from May 25 to September 28, 2019.

In the workshop “What is in front“, Constance Nouvel suggests to each participant to create objects incorporating photographic images, based on shots. Born in 1985, Constance Nouvel is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris where she teaches the technique of chromogenic printing. Le Point du Jour is dedicating an exhibition to her from June 15 to September 15, 2019.

The presentation of the workshops and the registration form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Le Point du Jour, art center / publisher
Contact : Anne Gilles
T. 02 33 22 45 33

Photographs: ©Constance Nouvel, Décor XXI, 2016. Wall installation, painting, graphite and photographic print and ©Guillaume Viaud, Walking Piece, 2008