Saturday September 7, 5pm

Japanese author and translator living in Paris, Ryoko Sekiguchi crosses several disciplines and territories under the principle of “double writing”; she writes in French and Japanese, translates in both directions, working in the spaces of literature and gastronomy.
The meeting/reading will focus on the exploration of her book Héliotropes (P.O.L., 2005): “the theme of the garden unfolds a reflection on the scientific names of plants. The learned names of plants, their Latin names, are only exceptionally pronounced, as if they were distancing themselves from the spoken languages to remain in an irreducible otherness. By summoning proper names that have never been called, it is a matter of giving back their place to the ranks of nature, of describing them without reducing the incomprehensible part they conceal in order to preserve their distance.”

Photograph : Kim Boske, Untitled Flower, 2013

Free admission, upon reservation
at 02 35 89 36 96