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Saturday, July 13, starting at 4pm

Notre Jardin (Our garden), 4pm
Rouen Normandy Photographic Center

The present exhibition considers the garden as a place to rethink and experiment, like a relational laboratory, with relationships to oneself and to time, to the other and to society. If there is a space that can escape the consumerist logic and the individualism it propagates, the perimeter of the garden, whether imaginary, abandoned, or working-class, hosts it.

The artists gathered here oppose the act to the contemplation often required. Henk Wildschut documents the gardens cultivated at the foot of tents in a refugee camp in the Jordanian desert, while Lucas Foglia bears witness to the strange neighborhood between the Rikers Island prison and the gardens of the New York Horticultural Society. In Rotterdam, Mexico City or Tasmania, Lara Almarcegui, Adrien Missika and Nicolas Daubanes maintain and repair invisible and forgotten areas. Kim Boske and Guillaume Viaud use digital retouching or a cube of mirrors carried by the artist to find their personal path within gardens that they recompose through images, while Diana Scherer, like the gardener cultivating the earth before making the flower grow, pursues a work conceived with the active collaboration of roots. Within the perimeter of Notre Jardin, it is the gesture, the one that makes the interstice its own in order to install the culture and take care of it, that of the gardener, and following him, of the artist that unfolds.

L’école buissonnière, 5pm
Pavilion of the Jardin des Plantes

The Centre photographique Rouen Normandie leads a generous and ambitious program of artistic and cultural education. Around the vast theme of the territory and our modes of interaction with the landscape, both rural and urban, and with the support of mechanisms set up by the Normandy Region, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs and the City of Rouen, the Centre photographique articulates residencies and artistic workshops, notably in schools.

L’École buissonnière is a collective exhibition presented at the pavilion of the Jardin des Plantes in Rouen this summer, in resonance with the exhibition Notre Jardin (Centre photographique). It retraces the artists’ residencies of Marion Dutoit, Delphine Burtin and Diana Scherer in schools. Conducted during the year 2019 in agricultural and horticultural high schools or around an urban square and gathering a kindergarten, a primary school, a college and an EHPAD, these artistic residencies all three deal with the territory and our way of living in it.
The exhibition has received the support of the Société des amis du Centre photographique.

Free admission, upon reservation
at 02 35 89 36 96