at the Pavillon du Jardin des Plantes, Rouen

Friday, July 12, starting at 6pm

The Centre photographique Rouen Normandie leads a generous and ambitious program of artistic and cultural education. Around the vast theme of the territory and our modes of interaction with the landscape, both rural and urban, and with the support of mechanisms set up by the Normandy Region, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs and the City of Rouen, the Centre photographique Rouen Normandie articulates residencies and artistic workshops, notably in schools.
L’École buissonnière is a collective exhibition presented at the pavilion of the Jardin des Plantes in Rouen this summer, in resonance with the exhibition Notre Jardin (Centre photographique). It retraces the artists’ residencies of Marion Dutoit, Delphine Burtin and Diana Scherer in schools. Conducted during the year 2019 in agricultural high schools*, horticultural high schools** or around an urban square and gathering a nursery school, a primary school, a college and an EHPAD**, these artistic residencies all three deal with the territory and our way of living in it.
The exhibition was supported by the Société des amis du Centre photographique.

* within the framework of the Triptychs program, supported by the Region and the DRAC of Normandy, with the students and teachers of ESC of the Lycée Gilbert Martin in Neubourg and the artists Karolina Samborska and Marion Dutoit
** within the framework of the Diagonal program, supported by the Ministry of Culture, with the students and teachers of ESC of the Horti-Pôle of Évreux and the artist Diana Scherer / with the students and teachers of the Marcel Cartier and Marie Duboccage schools, the students and teachers of the Camille Claudel secondary school, the residents and the animator of the Korian EHPAD and the artists Marion Dutoit and Delphine Burtin

Jardin des Plantes
114B Avenue des Martyrs de la Résistance
76100 Rouen
Bus F1, stop Jardin des Plantes