Sophie Delpeux

Fictions and duplications

Saturday, October 20, 5pm

The practice of photography, like that of performance art, allows artists to embody various figures, other identities. This LECTURE by art historian Sophie Delpeux will examine this possibility of multiplication.

Sophie Delpeux is a doctor of art history, a former resident of the Villa Medici and a lecturer at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her research focuses on the body as a medium, an active link between reality and representation(s), generating psychic contagion, behavioral and social models and counter-models. Theoretical texts, fictions, videos are all tools that she experiments with as a researcher to identify the diversity of these uses of the human in art. Happenings, actions, performances are her main fields of investigation.

As part of Raout #2, event in Rrouen.

Photography : Thorsten Brinkmann, Calla Lampa, 2016, 84 x 63 cm ©T. Brinkmann + VG Bildkunst Bonn 2018

Free admission, upon reservation
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