Saturday September 19th, 5pm

Last guided tour of the exhibition!

Organized by the Centre photographique Rouen Normandie and Le Point du Jour, art center/publisher, in partnership with Cadre en Seine, the 50cc Air de Normandie grant aims to support the projects of photographers based in the region. The exhibition brings together the first two winners of the grant, Géraldine Millo (1978) and Pierre-Yves Racine (1984), and marks the culmination of their respective projects and of the process of accompanying the artists by the teams of the Centre photographique, Le Point du Jour and Cadre en Seine.

Géraldine Millo has followed the journey of a schoolgirl in professional apprenticeship in the region of Fécamp, and signs a documentary, photographic and filmic work, entitled L’Orientation. We follow Éléonore in her journey towards adulthood, navigating at sight; her dreams and expectations sometimes caught in the mesh of determinisms and stubborn realities.

Pierre-Yves Racine sketches the portrait of the Prairies, a thirty-hectare territory located in downtown Rennes, formerly allotments, now a wasteland inhabited by long-term or transient residents, and soon to be transformed into an urban park.

If the biases are specific to each of these two authors, certain echoes can be heard between their works: those of their voices engaged within the territory they have assigned themselves, which they have discovered to be larger than presumed and of which they deliver a singular vision through their photographic and filmic explorations.

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